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Back My Locals is set to launch in Cape Town!

Updated: Apr 1

Back My Locals is a platform that makes it easier for local businesses to connect with their communities, to tell their story and enable their loyal customers to buy electronic gift cards to help them through the current crisis.

In March 2020 South Africa saw several severe measures implemented to help curb the spread of Covid-19 amongst the population. The same has been, and continues to be done, across the globe as we face the worst pandemic of our time. All businesses, including ours at Afferent Software, have been affected. The result, however unintentional and necessary, is that many businesses big and small have seen a massive reduction in turnover.

Governments across the world are doing their best to put in place measures to help businesses through this but not all governments can afford to help every business and not all businesses have the luxury of time. As a small software business ourselves with most of our staff living in the Cape Town community, we decided to use our skills to do something to help those around us and those like us around the world. We've used our network and experience in the Payments industry to create to help small businesses get the word out to their communities and sell electronic gift cards to help them through the crisis of the next few months.

We are a small company with relatively limited resources so we need your help to launch this platform in our target suburbs to prove the viability of the idea so that we can partner with bigger business and quickly upscale across South Africa and other locations.

Back My Locals

Join Back My Locals today, connect with your community and make a difference to the small businesses and people that make it what it is. Stronger Together.

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